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bit BlazorUI

bit BlazorUI components are native, easy-to-customize, and work seamlessly in all Blazor modes (WASM, Server, Hybrid, pre-rendering), saving you time and making development enjoyable.

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Why bit BlazorUI?

Native Blazor UI

bit BlazorUI components are written entirely in C# and provide high performance in all Blazor modes (WASM, Server, Hybrid, pre-rendering).

Dedicated dev team

A professional and dedicated team creates bit BlazorUI components, and they also actively contribute to the open-source project on GitHub. This ensures a consistent flow of updates and easy access to technical support.

Easy to customize

bit BlazorUI components are implemented in a standard format, making it simple to customize their styles and functionalities, allowing you to meet your development needs in a short period of time.

Performance centric

One of the most important aspects of the bit BlazorUI is its performance. Using 5 components, for example, only adds 50KB to your app, and using +40 components adds only 200KB in total (dll + css + js).

Open Source contribution

Backed by a professional dedicated development team and an active community, you are well supported to work out all challenges. Since all open source components are on GitHub, you can follow the production flow of the components. Feel free to report bugs, fork the repo, and submit pull request.